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Early Intensive Developmental and Behavioral Intervention (EIDBI)

Age Group:

EIDBI services are available for children and young adults under 21 with ASD or related conditions.


EIDBI is an intensive and individualized treatment approach that focuses on addressing the core skills deficits identified in the Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation (CMDE). Treatment can include:

  • Intervention sessions: Individual or group sessions with qualified EIDBI providers focused on developing communication, social, and life skills.
  • Family/caregiver training and counseling: Support for families to learn about ASD, intervention techniques, and strategies to manage challenging behaviors.
  • Coordinated care conferences: Meetings to discuss the person's progress and make necessary adjustments to their treatment plan.
  • Additional services: Telemedicine, travel time reimbursement, and other supports as needed.

Benefits of EIDBI

Early and intensive intervention can lead to significant improvements in various areas, including:

Communication skills
Social skills
Independence and daily living skills
Behavior management
Quality of life for both the child and family

Service Provision: EIDBI services are provided by qualified professionals (clinicians, therapists, etc.)through licensed providers authorized by the state. For more information or to check our waiting list fornew patients, please contact us at 763-312-1878 or send us an email at info@oascsmn.org